100 % NATURAL                                                  NO CHEMICALS

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE                                                          NON - TOXIC








General Purpose Shaker



FOR USE IN:  Kitchens, Pet areas, hampers, lockers, safes, cars, boats, vans, RV's, garbage cans and compactors, diaper bins, laundry rooms, closets, refrigerators, storage rooms, shoes, basements and wherever:  Odors May Be Present!!!


Directions:  Sprinkle on affected areas, carpets, etc. (will not harm vacuum cleaner)

Let set at least 4 hours or until odors are gone, then vacuum or put small amount in shallow dish and

let set in the open. (Will attract odors like a magnet)


Baking Soda contains approx. 200 million ionic charge particles per cubic inch.

ODOR - X has over 3 Billion.


When powder emits odors, ODOR - X has reached its maximum capacity.


Dispose with common waste.


ODOR - X is an Odorless Natural Mineral and not a mask, or cover-up. It eliminates odors by removing odor gasses from the air.


Each bottle contains:

Minimum- 1,000,000 enzymes (Protease, Amylase, Lipase & Cellulase).

Minimum – 40,000,000,000 ionic charged particles.


CAUTION:   ODOR-X   Working temperature is— 40 below 0 to 120 degrees F. 

ODOR-X will not work on chemicals, petroleum products or man-made scents.

Only organic odors (positive charge) are eliminated by ODOR-X

Cat Litter


Add ½ cup ODOR-X to freshly filled litter box, mix with top ¼ of

litter. ODOR-X will absorb the odors, then the moisture will activate the

Enzymes, breaking down and removing the odors from the powder and

litter, thereby keeping the powder and litter box fresh for an extended period

of time. When more litter is added to the box, add a little more ODOR-X.


For use with

Scented or Unscented Cat Litter